Sunday, August 30, 2009

GeekCamp SG

Hi, I am Leong Hean Hong aka hongster. I am part of the KL GTUG blog team and I will be sharing some of my experience in Android development here. I gave a talk on Android at the GeekCamp Singapore last week (22nd August 2009). These are some of the questions I answered in my presentation:
  • What is Android?
  • How to setup the development environment?
  • How to start building an Android app?
  • What are some of the differences between Android and iPhone development?
  • What is an Intent?
Slides: Source Code: An demo app had been created for the presentation. It is a simple application which allows user to select an image from image gallery, and applies effects to the image, displays it on the screen. I hope it can serves as a little tutorial for developers who are interested in graphical programming in Android. The Android emulator does on come with any image. You have to create a SD card and attach it to the emulator. It is always advisable to launch the emulator before launching Eclipse, and leave the emulator running throughout the development. In Eclipse, change perspective to DDMS. The File Explorer allow you to insert/retrieves image file into/from the SD Card. Please email me (expertleong_at_gmail_dot_com), if you need any help on setting up the envrionment. Download source code.