Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time To Buka, a simple web app.

For this Ramadhan, I decided to do something special. I had a problem. Part of the cause of my problem was also due to my short attention span, ADD, or whatever you like to call. The problem was about finding out the breaking fast and Imsak times during Ramadhan.

For a while now, I knew JAKIM has been publishing breaking fast times for states in Malaysia. However, they published the timetable in PDF. Only recently I decided to convert the data from the PDFs to a Google Spreadsheet.

Because of that, I simply decided to write a web app to check breaking fast times based on your current location. The whole web app is of course powered by Google App Engine & Google Spreadsheet. I'm also using a mixture of jQuery, Yahoo! YQL & Google Maps API for geocoding.

Introducing, Time To Buka.

Support for other countries will come soon. But I need help with getting data for breaking fast times for your respective country. Please email me if you can help contribute to this data. You can post suggestions for future features in the comments section.

I hope everyone will find this web app useful during Ramadhan. It's work in progress, like all web apps. But it will be improved.

Salam Ramadhan.