Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our prophecy: Developers in Southeast Asia will rise!

Today we received a little bit of buzz from the e27 chaps from Singapore & also Jason Costa, former Technical Programs Manager for Google. The article talks about how Jason is excited about the growing developer ecosystem in Southeast Asia.

Jason is a good friend of ours, personally for me. He has been the supporting backbone in the early stage of raising awareness to developers in Malaysia. He was the 1st Googler that actually spoke to me in real life. And that means a lot to a small time developer like me. Kinda like a Google fan boy reaction. From there onwards, I've made friends with Vinny, Stephanie, Pamela & other Googlers for which I personally am grateful in supporting GTUG KL community efforts.

Also last week, I've been called in for an podcast session with John Lim from The Digital Edge. Together with David Lian and Yoon Kit, we had a blast talking about Android, Google's attempt in social search and Geocities! You can listen to the podcast here.

The developer ecosystem is growing, and we are pushing it ahead to become the strongest. Watch out now!