Thursday, January 27, 2011

A honeycombed Google Code periodic table

Google Code released this periodic view of all the available developer APIs from Google. It's a really cool visual representation in a form that's familiar to geeks. When you hover over the Android (or Mobile) icon, you'll get to see the related APIs in the same category.

Got this tip from @ropu, a software engineer from Argentina. He was a presenter at the first Google DevFest in Singapore a few years back.

Honeycomb Preview SDK released.

In other news, the Android team has released a preview SDK for Honeycomb! Hurrah! Now developers can start building (or porting) new or existing apps for the tablet format. Apparently, any applications developed from this preview release won't be able to make it to the Market just yet. However, developers will have the chance to prepare themselves and their apps when it's officially released. You can start reading about the new SDK and fire up your Eclipse to download that honey. It's the beez knees!

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