Wednesday, May 18, 2011

GTUG KL Office Hours with Vinoaj Vijeyakumar

Photo courtesy of iTrain

On May 3 2011, Vinoaj Vijeyakumar, a Googler from Google Singapore headquarters dropped by Kuala Lumpur and hosted a meetup with the community from Kuala Lumpur GTUG. He shared with us tips and tricks on how to fully utilize Google Analytics for web and mobile applications.

Here are some notes on his presentation:

  • Use Goals to analyse your users engagement with your website, web app and mobile application.
  • Use Event Tracking to track your users' behavior and improve on your website, web app and mobile application user experience.
  • Google Analytics for Mobile is important for Android application developers.

You can follow along his presentation slide below.

I hope for the next Office Hours meetup, Vinoaj would tell us some dirty secrets on how to use Website Optimizer tools. Thanks for coming by Vinny!

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  1. My pleasure! Yes, next time around let's look at landing page and content testing with Google Website Optimizer.